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Corporate Senior Vice Presidents
Prof. Dr. Ramón Bacardit
Adhesive Technologies
Dr. Stefan Huchler
Supply Chain/Packaging
(seit 1.4.2010)
Carsten Knobel
Cosmetics/Toiletries –
Financial Director and
Finance – Corporate Controlling
Prof. Dr. Thomas

Laundry & Home Care
R&D/Technology/Supply Chain
Georg Baratta-Dragono
Laundry & Home Care
Germany and Latin America
Enric Holzbacher
Adhesive Technologies
Region Western Europe/
Central Eastern Europe/
Middle East/Africa and
SBU Consumer & Craftsmen Adhesives/Building Adhesives
Dirk-Stephan Koedijk
Chief Compliance Officer
Dr. Matthias Schmidt
Adhesive Technologies –
Financial Director
Alain Bauwens
Laundry & Home Care
Global Marketing,
Business Development and
Region Asia-Pacific
Dr. Joachim Jäckle
Financial Operations
Norbert Koll
Schwarzkopf Professional
Stefan Sudhoff
Laundry & Home Care &
Cosmetics/Toiletries North Amercia
Cosmetics/Toiletries Latin America
Wolfgang Beynio
Patrick Kaminski
Asia-Pacific/Africa/Middle East/Eastern Europe/CIS & Export
(seit 1.11.2010)
Thomas Gerd Kühn
Legal, IP, Insurance
Alan Syzdek
Adhesive Technologies
SBU Global Electronic Materials
Dr. Andreas Bruns
Infrastructure Services
Paul Kirsch
Adhesive Technologies
SBU Global Transportation
(seit 1.4.2010)
Dr. Marcus Kuhnert
Laundry & Home Care –
Financial Director
Günter Thumser
Henkel Central Eastern Europe
Julian Colquitt
Adhesive Technologies
North America

Andreas Lange
Laundry & Home Care
Region Western Europe
Carsten Tilger
Corporate Communications
Bertrand Conquéret
Global Purchasing

Kathrin Menges
Human Resources
Dr. Peter Wroblowski
Information Technology
Jean Fayolle
Adhesive Technologies
SBU Packaging, Consumer Goods and Construction Adhesives
 Tina Müller
Chief Marketing Officer Retail

SBU = Strategic Business Unit (Strategische Geschäftseinheit)
Stand: Januar 2011